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Knowing the Advantages of electronic Well-being Data Frameworks for Doctors

So, How Can Electronic Health Information Systems improve Care For Patients make Health Care Workplace more Efficient and Help Sustain our Health Care System For Years To Come ?

Think about the number of times you've had to recall a Patient's History and Can Quickly Find what You Were Looking For or the Number of Times been Waiting for a Lower Diagnostic Result to make an informed Decision about your Treatment Plan or Wanted to Change a Patient's Medication that were without access to pertinent Medication Information from other Health care Providers,

Have You ever Wondered if There Was a Better Way For You to Capture Keys And manage this Exchange of Health Information among Clinicians or even if it's possible to have a more Complete Picture in Your Patient's Health History when or where it's needed wouldn't that help you Provide the Best Possible Care to Your Patient.

Look at this Way Say You're caring for a Patent who Recently had Replacement Surgery and they come in for a follow up two weeks later unfortunately you haven't received the Hospital Discharge Summary and the Patient can,t recall specific tests and treatments performed well in Hospital, but they can tell you that the home care nurse practitioner started them on an antibiotic and the physiotherapist change their exercise plan . A Good Start but not enough information.Right ?

Having Access to an Up-to-Date summary if the patient care such as their medication,diagnosis and discharge plan would have provided you and the Patient with the right information to inform the Appropriate Plan Care.

Coming back to the answer to the above  questions with MED365 , we are attempting to locate a practical answer for synchronously following and monitoring health care devices.

                                    MED365 Team Wishes You Merry Christmas !!


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