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So, what’s exactly is Worth Knowing the think about how many times you use the health care system.

How many times you visited your Family Doctor or Hospital or had an X-RAY or Fill the prescription, have you ever wondered how all that information is maintained and shared between these points care or if it’s even shared it all?

Now, think how this could affect the Health care You Receive?

Look at this way look is it a local walk-in clinic with the physician request a number of tests. Unfortunately , those test results may not always be shared with your family doctor, a month later you experience similar complications and your family doctor performs the exact same test wouldn’t it have been easier and more efficient if your doctor could have access those original results first.
In Your Community when you visit any point to care information is collected regarding your health however because these systems don’t connect information cannot be easily shared between health care providers so when the doctors treating you there may be pieces if your health information out there that they don’t know about.

Now consider how important communication is in emergency situation.

For Example, You find yourself in any yard and you are unable to properly relay your medical history. Not Knowing for certain if you are on any medications but if you have any allergies could hinder the doctor’s assessment can even cause problems during treatment retrieving your health in another country or city instantly could save time and reduce the possibility of complications In order to improve health care in India.
We are working to create and connect and networking electronic health record systems in your community, province and across the country which in the future will allow your health record history to be securely access by every authorize health care provider you see explore this side and discover how electronic health records will benefit you so one day no matter where you are in India.

You will know your health care provider has access to your health information because KNOWING IS BETTER THAN NOT KNOWING.


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