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Now Find The Right Medical Essentials Online on MED365

At MED365, we’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier, longer lives by simplifying healthcare. We believe strongly that the solution to most problems starts with getting the right data.

Today we’re taking another step towards our goal of being the health app you need.

Our goal is to help you not just find the best doctor around you but also help you to give all the Medical Essentials in Your Home. So whenever you need find,Health Essentials can be ordered  – right from your living room and get them to you in the Effective Price.

We have also came with a option Of retailing Your Health Products from Medicines to Eye-wear. You can just place order from app and Order them.

These are just the highlights. For more information Connect With US

Health IT

Health IT focus on your health instead of on the everyday hassles of managing your health care.

E-prescribing systems : Automatically send prescription orders to the pharmacy for you so your medicine is ready for pick-up when you arrive, saving you time. E-prescribing can also reduce the potential for medication errors, such as those made by messy handwriting on a paper prescription.
Rapid information sharing: When a provider adds patient notes or test results to your EMR, that information may be available to the health care providers authorized to view your records, so that they can have access to the most up-to-date information about your health. Some health care providers may allow you to access your own health information directly, meaning you no longer have to wait to hear back from your doctor for information, such as test results.
Reduced paperwork: As a patient, you have probably answered the same questions about personal information and medical history dozens of times on seemin…

Cloud-Based Health Care System

A new, connected health care model requires new, cloud-based platforms. Medical technology companies that partner with other industries, government regulators, and each other to build them may reap substantial business benefits from the resulting transformation.With the adoption of smaller computer processors, better sensors, and advanced analytic, medical technology and device companies have the opportunity to put more data collection and computer-based intelligence closer to patients.

Electronic Claims Submission With MED365Private Cloud: Patient Information Centre, it opens up the prospect of patients’ digitized health information—medical histories, scan images, blood types, allergies etc—accessible via secure authentication to people authorized by the patient. Faster and global retrieval of data is possible by Cloud Solutions.

Our system integrates your clinic’s appointment schedule with your billing process. Simplify your day-to-day front workflow with a single software t…

Health Information Technology

Health information technology, electronic medical records, and electronic prescriptions are but three examples of how technology is changing the health care sector.
Types Of Health Information ExchangeInformation technology has made significant contributions to our world, namely in the medical industry. With the increased use of electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and mobile technologies like tablets and smart phones, physicians and patients are both seeing the benefits that these new medical technologies are bringing.
Health Information Technology Includes:
   Electronic Medical records (EMRs). Your doctor keeps records of your health information, such as your history of diseases and which medications you're taking. Up until now, most doctors stored these in paper files. EMRs ("electronic medical records") are electronic systems that store your health information. EMRs allow doctors to more easily keep track of your health information and may enable them …

Meaningful Use Of EMR System

Electronic Medical records are essential in allowing :- Physicians to monitor their patients health, notice trendsPotentially prevent hospital readmissions, quickly diagnose diseases, and reduce medical errors.
What is Meaningful Use of an EMR?

In an Interview , a physician at a family practice to learn more about how he is meaningfully using his EMR to coordinate patient care, prevent a hospital readmission and ultimately improve patient health.

On the day , Dr.just finished seeing 30 patients.  In at 8 am., done by 2 pm. It was a fairly typical day for a not-so-typical family practice. He explains what makes it not-so-typical: one woman with chest pain, a 195kg diabetic who wasn't taking his disease seriously and an elderly gentleman with pneumonia who had recently been discharged from an area hospital two days earlier – a hospital where Dr. that Doctor doesn't practice. While talking with the last patient, who is trying to recover from pneumonia, Dr.  logged into the EMR System, …

Switch to Smarter Clinics

MED365 cloud-based EMR gives you a chance to effortlessly get to patient information and records from anyplace that has a internet association.

Smarter Clinical Workflow without Boundaries

Changing to a best in class, android native, cloud-based EMR softwares,for which  MED365 is the most ideal approach to save users countless hours (and cash) on charting, billing, retrieving records, e-prescribing, ordering lab results, monitoring patient flow and more.

How Web-Based EMR Helps to Develop Smarter Clinics Cost With a web-based EMR, there is no need to buy expensive, bulky servers or hire a full-time IT person to manage it. You’ll never have to shell out for spendy repairs on hardware malfunctions or replacements with a cloud-based EMR, either, MED365 runs on the hardware your practice already has – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 

Security Specialists report information put away in the cloud is very secure than information put away on a physical server or paper records in…

Benefits Of EMR along a patient journey

A patient journey can be described as all sequential steps involving the movement of the patient and all relevant information (for example, from emergency department to ward or X-ray department), and is performed within an standard framework . The patient journey is typically divided into three distinct stages: admission, treatment and discharge .

The introduction of an EMR system will enable administrative as well as clinical benefits to be gained across all three stages of the patient journey.

Each patient journey stage follows a similar process in which patients are admitted, treated and moved to the next stage of the patient journey.
The treatment stage consists of one or more ‘episodes of care’, where an ‘episode of care’ reflects the changing diagnosis or treatment of the patient. The benefits occur on the patient journey are :-

The Quantitative benefits and the Qualitative benefits sections below :-

   With MED365 we Develop a Technology that Also Helps Patients as well as Doc…

MED365 transforming Health Through Mobile Based Technology

So, How Digital Apps and Smartphones Can Transform Healthcare ??
Answer Is Here...
Five ways digital apps and smartphones will transform healthcare: Improved access to care:In a digital age, the requirement for patients and doctors to be in the same location is eliminated. Patients suffering from chronic diseases who live in rural areas or otherwise have limited access to doctors will be able to “visit” with primary care physicians or specialists located in the next major city or a half a world away. Increasingly, the patient will be in his or her home. Instead of having the government or insurance companies dictate that a visit must be in person, which may be either unnecessary or dangerous (for frail elderly patients), patients and physicians will decide together when a visit is best done live and when healthcare services can be delivered virtually.
Improved patient engagement:Many aspects of healthcare discourage patient engagement – long lines, complexity, lack of transparency of cost …