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Cloud-Based Health Care System

A new, connected health care model requires new, cloud-based platforms. Medical technology companies that partner with other industries, government regulators, and each other to build them may reap substantial business benefits from the resulting transformation.With the adoption of smaller computer processors, better sensors, and advanced analytic, medical technology and device companies have the opportunity to put more data collection and computer-based intelligence closer to patients.

Electronic Claims Submission

With MED365 Private Cloud: Patient Information Centre, it opens up the prospect of patients’ digitized health information—medical histories, scan images, blood types, allergies etc—accessible via secure authentication to people authorized by the patient. Faster and global retrieval of data is possible by Cloud Solutions.


Our system integrates your clinic’s appointment schedule with your billing process. Simplify your day-to-day front workflow with a single software that allows you to drag and drop your healthcare appointments on the calendar according to your convenience.



Our EMR allows you to document your behavioural health, mental health, and speech therapy sessions from any computer with an Internet connection. Plus, our documentation templates are totally customizable; it’s up to you to define what information you want to record.

Growing volumes of patient data are being produced by a wide variety of sources. By mining and analysing that varied information in real time, caregivers will be able to create coordinated, customized lifestyle and proactive treatment plans that can follow a patient throughout his or her health care journey. As the industry considers adopting more outcome-based payment models, the MED365 model help to facilitate a shift in focus from treatment to prevention. Such a model will also enable individuals to manage and receive care independent of a health care facility.

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